The Basic Rules Of Quality And Management Still Apply To Agile Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Richard Warden and I wrote and tested my first computer program on May 12, 1970. When I worked for the Swiss Exchange in Zurich as a test manager they called me an “Old Rabbit” – a complimentary term, I will add. That was eleven years ago and I have since spent much of my time immersed in UML and agile-related projects within financial services companies.

My career started in the Royal Air Force as an analyst, developer, and tester on large mainframe defence support systems. I then moved to Racal Electronics working first on business systems and then interactive computer-aided design(CAD)systems in positions of programming team leader, test manager, project manager, and head of quality assurance. Following this I worked for the K3 Group as a product and research manager. Since 1991 I have been an independent consultant.

The case histories relate mainly to trading systems and I will give a brief outline of their design rather than a complex architecture picture. There is a trading platform that is usually a client–server design where traders conduct business. The client is used by traders to create trades and is supported by server functions to provide a wide range of static data such as clients and contract types. Trades created from the platform have to be processed by a number of downstream systems such as clearinghouses, reporting and regulatory organizations, and risk management systems. Consequently, a routing or messaging system is employed to create the necessary transactions to distribute to these systems. This router has to work with very high reliability in real time and is a potentially difficult part of a system. The trading platform may vary in complexity according to the types of financial product being traded. Some may be specific to a particular instrument, such as the Swiss Exchange or electronic REPO market, and others may cover a range of financial instruments, such as Bloomberg’s widely used system.

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