Testing A Derivatives Trading System In An Uncooperative Environment Synopsis - Agile Testing

This case study reviews an agile approach to the development, testing, and delivery of a Wiki in very short timescales, with chronically low budget, and with very few resources. There were a number of potential risk issues with the project, such as difficulties with co-location of the customer and the project manager, but which were successfully mitigated by intelligent use of
collaborative technologies such as instant messaging and teleconferencing.

Overall, the project was very successful, delivering precisely the system the customer needed, and with good quality. The only significant issue that could be reported was that the original delivery timescales of four weeks overran by one week, although this was actually due to deliberate
enhancements requested by the customer.

I also make some suggestions for improvements to the agile development and test process that I would use on future projects.

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