Test Infecting A Development Team Introduction Agile Testing

My name is David Evans. I am the Director of Methodology at SQS, a pure-play testing and software quality consultancy. I am also the chief Agile Testing Evangelist in the company.

I have been in the software development and testing business for twenty years, first as a mainframe developer and tester, later moving to object-oriented C++ windows development and then .NET web development. In 2000 I joined Cresta, a testing consultancy, where I specialized in test automation, test methodology, and software quality practices. Cresta was later acquired by SQS.

In 2002 while carrying out a test strategy assignment for a global pharmaceutical company, I came across Extreme Programming (XP), which was being trialled by some of their development teams, and had to factor this into their enterprise-wide test strategy. I was fascinated by the agile process and impressed by the levels of quality and customer satisfaction these teams achieved.

When I was given responsibility for creating a software product based on testing metrics from Cresta’s testing methodology, I knew the project needed to be agile. We were able to enlist a team of highly talented .NET developers, but none of them had worked in an agile project before.

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