Results of the Agile Process Agile Testing

For clarity I have broken the results into two streams, the waterfall(BLA Ltd) and the agileWebfrontendsrus).

Results of the waterfall approach(BLA Ltd):

  • With careful use of the V-model approach, the ability to plan and implement testing early in the life cycle was achieved.
  • Even though the test analysts and developers were co-located and productivity should have been higher, the code wasn’t ready on its scheduled delivery date. Development wanted to deliver something that worked and so asked for and got, a week-long extension.
  • On delivery to system test, the code installed first time–this had never been seen before!
  • A system test pack of 200 test cases was run within two days of delivery, without a single defect of any consequence being found.In fact we found only ten cosmetic issues.This had never happened before at BLA Ltd. So we reran the tests again, still finding no serious defects.
  • I then asked my test analysts to recheck their tests to ensure they were accurate;they were.
  • We therefore completed system test six weeks earlier than planned, saving BLA Ltd £428,000(in planned, but unused development time for fixes,and testing costs) and reducing the delivery to live by six weeks(six weeks before the legislation came into force).

Results of the agile approach(Webfrontendsrus):

  • No data are available as to what documentation was written or what tests were run.
  • Code was delivered to BLA Ltd to run acceptance tests against it with just four weeks left before launch.
  • There was a security flaw identified initially that meant that if you logged in then pressed the back button on your browser,your original ogin details remained in cache and allowed you to press the forward button and get straight back into the system!It was sent back for fixing.
  • On receipt of the next version,most of the management information functions didn’t deliver the right reports and the way in which the data were collect and stored meant that retrieval could take up to three minutes(completely unacceptable).
  • Eventually the delivery was descoped to 25% of the original scope to ensure something was ready to go live,on time,and to stay legal.
  • The now infamous quote by Webfrontendsrus’s managing director to the IT director of BLA Ltd at this time was, “If you could stop finding errors we could put the time in to make sure that you get the full scope delivered!”
  • Six months after the initial delivery date,Webfrontendsrus delivered software that provided 90% of the required functionality;three years later the balance of the initial functionality is yet to be seen.
  • BLA Ltd did go live with a solution on time and so stayed legal but,due to the issues with Webfrontendsrus, never managed to grab the additional market share they were looking for.

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