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Having applied the process for a number of years, there has been a lot of opportunityto work out what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Let me share some ofthe results with you:

  • We’ve used this process on projects that included multiple vendors working in multiple geographies and the process allowed the necessary collaborations to take place in a predictable and efficient way.
  • Using design to guide the development teams has improved the usage of implementation technologies and has allowed specialist implementation teams(e.g., Portal, BPEL, integration connectors) to work effectively together as a team.
  • The consistent view of the design across multiple technologies from different suppliers makes the overall solution easier to understand.
  • The process has made it possible for teams to leverage design parts built by previous teams to produce new solutions.
  • Quality issues are caught early by our projects due the fact that QA testing kicks in from the very first iteration.
  • Our early showcases to the end users prove very effective at both getting useful feedback and making end users feel an integral part of the process.
  • Doing proper progress tracking based on plans that are well thought out to start with reduces the amount of shortcuts required later.
  • Having a continuous build and test in place is very important for developer productivity.
  • Missing or bad design puts pressure on the development team, who end up releasing bad-quality code, which then puts further pressure on the testers.
  • Tracking change is crucial to ensuring the team’s ability to execute the plans. If changes are “slipped in” without planning updates, then the plans become unachievable and meaningless

Estimated use case plays

Estimated use case plays

Work items assigned to time boxes

Estimated use case plays

  • Velocity and other progress tracking mechanisms allow formature conversations with customers and other suppliers. It helps to be able to discuss progress in black-and-white terms.

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