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Agile approaches are often proposed as a solution to improving a number of characteristics of the testing process;typical improvements are claimed in speed and cost of testing, but many of these claims are only backed up by qualitative or anecdotal evidence.

This research was conducted to try to quantify the benefits of agile versus ad hoc testing approaches.

Teams and Exercises

To check the cost of using test-driven methodology, we have created two groups with the same knowledge of programming in Java:

  • the test group, later called the TDD team<gt;
    (using test-driven development[TDD] methodology), and
  • the control group, which, traditionally, does not have unit tests built in.

Time needed for preparation of application

Time needed for preparation of application

Both groups have made the same, rather simple applications(about 6 hours of coding for a three-person group). For these two groups we have prepared six exercises.

Programming and Test Environment

Both teams work in the same environment:

  • Eclipse SDK 3.0.2 with
  • built-in JUnit1 for unit tests and
  • built-in Hammurapi2 for code review;and
  • EMMA3 for code coverage.

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