Parallel Agile And Waterfall Approach Streams Within A Single Project Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Geoff Thompson. I have been involved in software testing for nearly twenty years.In addition to automation, I have in my time been a test analyst right through to a test program manager. In that time I have experienced or directly used many life-cycle delivery approaches, such as waterfall, Timeboxes, V model, Rational Unified Process,Interactive,Agile and Scrum.

I am currently the Services Director for Experimentus Ltd, a U.K.-based software quality consultancy, specializing in process improvement,project management, test, configuration management,and requirementsmanagement.

I am a founding member of the Information Systems Examination Board Software Testing Board and also a founding member of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, and am currently the
U.K.representative to the Board.

I am also the founder and chairman of the U.K.Testing Board. The following case study describes a project for which I was the test program manager for an FTSE 100 life assurance company that was delivered using waterfall/V-model and agile approaches alongside each other in separate but dependent projects.

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