Overview of the Development and Testing Challenge Agile Testing

In 2007, TRC began a project to migrate and enhance a large existing product(TRCLegacy)to a new platform(and new name– RC-Heritage). In its existing form, TRC-Legacy had the following characteristics:

  • The product focused on the remortgaging market and had been purchased by ten U.K. customers, who were still using the tool to support their everyday business.
  • Legacy had originally been implemented using Power Builder and employed an underlying Oracle back end.
  • The product had been under development and enhancement for some ten years and during its initial development had been implemented by a team of some sixteen analysts and programmers, plus two dedicated quality assurance representatives.
  • In its final incarnation(Legacy v6.0), the product consisted of some 450 distinctscreens.

In terms of the replacement TRC-Heritage product:

  • The new system was to be developed using Java on the Eclipse platform, plus some third-party GUI control products.
  • The migration project had very challenging timescales (i.e., our marketing team had obtained market intelligence that indicated that a competitor product would be launched within three months)and very challenging budgetary constraints. We were told we had ten weeks to migrate, enhance, and deliver the replacement system.
  • As a result it was decided to employ an agile approach to ensure that the timescales would be met and to reduce the cost of development and testing. An agile approach was also anticipated to help us be flexible in terms of likely changes to requirements and to ensure product quality was maintained by allowing testing to begin as early as possible in the project and to continue throughout the development.
  • To reduce the cost of the migration further, it was also agreed that much of the development work would be offshored to a company in India, with marketingresponsibilities given to a team in the United States.

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