Overview of Agile Approach - Agile Testing

City Street Traders is a midsized(220-person)software house producing solutions for the treasury dealing marketplace.At the time of the case study the company hadan installed base of systems with over thirty clients and was adding to that base at the rate of about three new clients per year.The company was also delivering upwards of 4,500 bespoke changes per annum to the installed client base.The company had sites in North America and London,with most,but not all,development being carried out in the United States. Testing,configuration management,and release management were performed in London.

The company had grown organically during the previous decade but was now beginning to experience problems with configuration management,organizational growth beyond process capability,and lengthening testing windows.What was required was a development and testing approach that would

  • shorten the lengthening testing windows,
  • support the many client configurations,and
  • allow the high volume of bespoke changes to installed systems.

The only answer that seemed to meet all of these requirements was an agile approach based around XP.The anticipated benefits were that the organization could reduce the release windows from nine to twelve months down to less than six months,thus enabling an aggressive technology refresh program while still maintaining the lucrative bespoke enhancement business.

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