Noted things of Agile Approach Agile Testing

The results of adopting and following the agile approach were:

  • Analysis of conversion errors–An analysis of the conversion errors remaining after running the ArtinSoft conversion tool was performed to identify the smallest number of modules that needed to have postconversion fixes applied and tested. This identified thirty-four modules that between them contained at least one instance of all the postconversion problems that existed in the VB.NET code.Once a generic solution was found to the problems in these modules, they were applied to the remaining modules.
  • Build process–the build process automated the conversion(using nAnt[47])by starting with a copy of a labeled version of the VB6 code, running the ArtinSoft converter, applying the batch edits to correct postconversion problems, compiling the VB.NET code, running unit tests, and packaging for distribution. This gave a repeatable process for the conversion, and the automation of the build allowed continuous integration, ensuring that the target could always be produced and any problems in building were detected early.
  • Iterations–The iterations rapidly progressed from converting a handful of modules to adding in sufficient modules without any conversion problems to produce a running build suitable for testing. This allowed functional testing to commence early in the project. The approach of creating generic solutions using batch edits proved successful and allowed additional modules with postconversion problems to be rapidly added to the build.
  • Unit test–Unit testing proved successful in detecting coding errors and resulted in fewer bugs finding their way into the functional testing.
  • Manual test–Manual testing of the GUI functionality proved satisfactory and efficient.Developers were familiar with the features of GUI controls and forms and could easily exercise them to prove the functionality was correct without a large investment in test design and planning.
  • Automated test–Automated testing fell by the wayside due to problems with tools and resources, but this did not adversely affect the outcome. The combination of unit testing and manual testing proved sufficient.

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