My Agile Process Introduction Agile Testing

This draws upon the information provided in the cases studies and their analyses to make a number of proposals for how you might set up and run your own practical, effective, and efficient agile testing process. Using the set of agile testing practices highlighted during the analyses, this chapter provides a series of proposals, allowing you to pick and mix from these practices to create an agile method tailored to your own particular development and testing requirements.

In providing a valuable source of real-world development and testing practices, the case studies reinforce the idea that each project is unique. Each project I of different size and complexity and, in reviewing the agile practices, you need to consider what will work for you.

To simplify this task, the practices in this are organized around four stereotypical projects, and you should make an assessment about which one best matches your own agile requirements. Try not to use the information provided dogmatically;look at the proposed agile practices critically and decide if you think they would work for you. As a final thought, whatever set of practices you pick will probably not be perfect, so make sure you follow the advice provided on process improvement: keep doing what works for you and challenge the use of, or modify, those practices that do not.

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