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Overall, the move from an ad hoc waterfall style of software development to the iterative model promoted using Evo has been very successful;the adoption of smaller, more easily managed delivery steps, combined with a focus on customer quality requirements over slavishly following formal process, and with the emphasis on ensuring that testing begins as early as possible in the development and continues throughout the project, have all led to significant improvements in the speed and quality of delivered software and to more satisfied customers and happier developers and testers. Tangible benefits have included retention of existing customers, recruitment of new clients,and retention of more motivated and happier staff.

Specific lessons learned include:

  • The adoption of a weekly development, test and delivery cycle has been very beneficial – the developers, testers, customer representatives, and managershave fallen easily into the weekly rhythm and have a regular, well-defined, andpredictable time period in which to achieve their tasks.
  • As is so frequently the case in software development,testing occasionally slipped–in future improvements to the process, this needs to be addressed; time must be made during the Evo cycle to ensure adequate testing is completed.
  • As with the introduction and use of any new, nontrivial technology,it is key to ensure adequate training, mentoring, and consultancy(process reviews orhealth checks) are planned into its roll-out.Tom and Kai were able to providethese, helping to ensure the successful introduction, roll out and use of ConfirmitAS’s Evo approach.
  • Although over time and under the influence of process improvement,our approach to CI has been refined, the CI process has proven to be successfuland we intend to continue to use it for the foreseeable future.
  • Finally, a very important lesson to be learned is that there is always another lesson to be learned – the goal of fine-tuning our processes continues today, and will continue into the future.

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