Lessons Learned from agile development process Agile Testing

In my experience, there is not one method that can solve all development problems within any organization;however, there are compelling reasons to utilize various techniques to achieve better quality of code more quickly.

The main objectives of the “best-of-breed” agile development process were to

  • gain control of application development,
  • prove compliance and governance,
  • provide flexibility for the developers and other SCM users,
  • deliver increased productivity,
  • ensure increased quality of code(leading to a decrease in defect costs),
  • be responsive to business needs, and
  • reduce time to market.

A significant achievement for our customers was the ability to leverage their technology to support the “best-of-breed” agile development. Certain methods almost dictate the absence of any SCM tool to support the agile processes;this is just not an option with large-scale, N-tier applications.

Effective enterprise agile development was achieved for our customers by successfully implementing and addressing

  • life cycle and process design,
  • flexible SCM technology,
  • continuous integration builds,
  • automated unit testing,
  • code coverage analysis(unit test Panopticode),
  • code complexity analysis(Panopticode), and
  • management information and metrics.

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