Lessons from Identifying targets of test Agile Testing

As a result of completing the project,the following lessons were learned:

  • Identifying targets of test is vital to testing successbecause there will never be enough time or resources to test everything,so prioritization is essential.Identify what is being changed and test that and that alone.
  • Test early and often;find defects as early as possible,correct them in a timely manner,and continue testing frequently throughout the project.
  • Ensure unit testing of all code changes,testing first and often.This might be a target for test automation in future projects.
  • For a conversion to a new environment, building and deploying are very important; so develop these approaches first and ensure that all subsequent development uses and tests them.This also enables testing to progress smoothly by ensuring the availability of a deployed build.
  • Save time,effort,and cost by using generic solutions(patterns)and trusting that a generic solution can be tested in a subset of where it is used.
  • It is worthwhile investing time to create automated solutions for common problemsand applying these generic solutions(patterns) automatically with scripts, which is repeatable and efficient.Generic solutions can then be tested in a subsetof their implementations, thus reducing the targets of test.
  • Automated testing is not a panacea–Manual testing can deliver excellent results when suitably targeted,particularly for GUI code changes where there is little dependency between the changes and therefore the tests.Good test management with manual test packs and exploitation of reuse opportunities can achieve good test coverage rapidly,avoiding the overheads of automated test script development.
  • The effort required to develop an automated regression test suite for a mature system may well be greater than the effort required for major enhancements ,conversions and upgrades.

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