Initial Approach Agile Testing

The server code was converted to VB.NET as a separate task from converting the GUI. The changes required to convert the server were relatively small. Following conversion using Microsoft’s conversion tool, the manual correction of remaining errors could be accomplished in a few hours.

Most of the conversion effort was required in converting the client code. The initial approach to the conversion of the GUI code was functionality-driven:

  • A survey of the user community identified the most-used functions in the system.
  • The plan was built around converting the code to support these functions, mostused first.
  • The actual conversion was done using Microsoft’s conversion tool, followed by manual correction of remaining errors.

The initial plan for testing the conversion was to prove the functional equivalence of the converted system by producing automated functional tests for the identified functions and executing these against the VB6 code and VB.NET code and comparing results.

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