Identified Problems Agile Testing

An initial iteration showed many problems in both the conversion approach and the testing approach for the client code:

  • The scale of the conversion problem was huge– 4,500+fixes were required after the use of the Microsoft conversion tool.
  • Manual correction was proving extremely time
    consuming,repetitive,and prone to error.
  • Acquiring the right staff,with both VB6 and VB.NET skills,was difficult.
  • Estimation of the effort required proved almost impossible.
  • The testing task was also enormous–over 100 test cases were identified to test the first few functions, each requiring implementation in two environments.

The first iteration overran by more than 100%and did not deliver the planned functionality.Integration problems prevented a successful build that could be deployed automatically, meaning developers had to manually install the system on testers’workstations.Testing was performed manually because the system did not implement sufficient functionality to support the planned automated tests.

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