Experiment Results Agile Testing

Time Results

In present times needed for preparation of the given application. As you can see, at the beginning, the TDD team needs much more time(about onethird more)than the control group, mostly for getting used to new tools(JUnit and Hammurapi–in our experiment EMMA was used only to check the predetermined level of test coverage). After the time needed for training (i.e., the first two exercises), this difference is not so significant; the TDD team needs about 7–10% more time to build the application.

The number of defects

The number of defects

Number of Defects in the Applications

In the next one can see the number of defects that were found during the test process.4 As one can observe, in the beginning period (i.e., the first exercise) the control group obtained the better result(produced fewer defects). In our opinion, it is the result of the additional stress on the TDD group and poor(not enough)knowledge of using tools by members of TDD group.

Quality of Source Code

In the last we present the results obtained after checking the quality of the source code(using Hammurapi)–as one can observe, the TDD group created code that was much more coincident with coding standards than the code presented by the control group.

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