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As described earlier,XP was selected as the base agile approach to be used on the project,with the following additional local agile process details:

  • definition of an organizational development methodology – with variants for new product releases,bespoke enhancements,and emergency fixes;
  • a continuous integration development approach – which included the adoption of development tools for
    • static analysis and
    • automated unit testing
  • reduction of the release testing window – from three to six months to four weeks,
    • based around smaller more frequent releases,
    • using test automation tools to give productivity benefits,and
    • development of a continuous integration release testing approach;and
  • implementation of automated configuration management
    • to enable the management and control of customized releases and
    • to control a high volume of bespoke changes to the installed user base.Some elements of the XP approach were not adopted, namely,
  • pair programming – because of company management and developer resistance;- on-site customer – primarily because of the nature of software houses developing products for a market rather than specific clients,and second for enhancement work because of the disparate geographic location of the clients.Expert business analysts were used as proxy on-site customers.
  • co-location – was not possible because it would have meant splitting the release testing team across the two sites, London and New York,so in mitigation virtual co-location techniques were adopted,such as group working,videoconferencing,and the use of tools to share workstation control.

To support this radical change in the organization,a change program was initiated to manage and control the phased implementation,to ensure continuity of business,and to minimize any impact to productivity and ultimately revenue.Care was taken to ensure that there was good communication with the stakeholders and sponsors. Workshops were held with developers,testers,and senior management to explain and sell the benefits of the changes.Frequent communication by e-mail,newsletter,and face to face ensured that all were kept updated with progress and developments.

Budget was secured for development,testing,and configuration management tools.

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