Communication In Agile Teams Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Isabel Evans. I’m a principal consultant at Testing Solutions Group Ltd and I have more than twenty years’ experience in the IT industry, mainly in quality management, testing, training, and documentation. During that time I have worked as a practitioner and a consultant with clients in many sectors, including financial, communications, transport, and software providers.

I’ve been a member of various working parties and groups to contribute to improvement in software quality and testing, and my book Achieving Software Quality Through Teamwork was published by Artech in June 2004. I’m interested in people and processes, how they interact, and how those interactions affect the success of projects and businesses. Agile methods emphasize people but they include process; the reaction to and success of the processes depend on the people.

In this chapter, I want to think about techniques we can use to enhance the communication between people to enable our agile processes to be effective and efficient. This is not a specific case study dealing with one customer or project but is distilled from a number of such engagements I have worked on and from which I have documented examples of issues with communication that affect agile testing.

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