Basic Overview of the Testing Challenge - Agile Testing

Although I’ve worked on a range of Scrum projects, with a range of technologies(including SOA-based projects), the testing challenges have, by and large, always been the same:

  • Frequent releases of the software product have been required, requiring stable software each time. This puts immense pressure on the test team within the Scrum to not only thoroughly system-test the functionality developed during the sprint but also to execute an ever-increasing amount of regression testing.
  • The detail of how pieces of functionality will be implemented is not known before the sprint starts, so test scripts cannot be written in advance.
  • Frequent releases typically means that the code has to be branched. This of course means additional work for the testers.
  • In larger projects(;10 developers), it is good practice to split the team into two or more separate Scrums, then run the project as a “Scrum of Scrums.” This can be very effective, but it does create the additional challenge of a cross-supplier integration test phase before integration testing with existing business systems can commence.
  • The volume of testing resource required is frequently underestimated, causing a great deal of stress for the testers and impacting on quality.(As a rule of thumb, I would recommend two testers for every four or five developers).

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