Analysis of Iteration 1 Agile Testing

A postmortem of the first iteration identified a number of problems with the conversion approach and the testing approach:

  • The testing was not focused on proving that what was changed worked(i.e., the GUI code). It was looking more abstractly for general functional equivalence. Business logic was not being changed and so did not require testing. Planned iterations to implement user functions were too long, which created integration problems and delayed demonstration to users, resulting in user unrest.
  • Too much functionality planned in each iteration presented test implementation and execution problems.
  • A lack of developer unit testing allowed many bugs to be passed through to the build that were caught in functional testing, increasing costs.
  • Manually fixing conversion problems would require too much effort to allow the conversion project to keep pace with the development of the VB6 code base without imposing a lengthy code freeze,which the user community would not accept.

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