Agile Testing With Mock Objects Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Colin Cassidy. I’m a software architect for Prolifics–a systems integration company; that specializes in IBm technologies. Coming from a software development background, I have ten years’experience in the IT industry. I have performed a number of roles, including software architect, systems analyst,developer, and development process engineer. This has been mainly in the retail, telecom and finance sectors.

My interest in software testing stems from a desire to build better software and to find better ways of building that software. Having practiced development and testing on a number of project types ranging from the very agile to the very structured, I have experienced the problems caused by too much automated testing as well as those caused by too little.

This case study describes a Java system integration project that used test-first development and continuous automated regression testing.It explores the benefits and challenges of creating effective automated unit tests and describes mechanisms deployed by the project team to overcome the issues they encountered.

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