Agile Testing In A Remote Or Virtual Desktop Environment Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Michael G. Norman.I have been involved with software test and performance for more than ten years,most recently having taken on the role as CEO of Scapa Technologies Ltd,a software tools vendor company. I was formerly involved nin forming the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Project(TPTP, formerly Hyades), which I ran in collaboration with colleagues from IBM and Intel and served on its Project Management Committee and the Board of Eclipse for around five years.

Scapa Technologies is involved with a range of testing engagements with its several hundred enterprise customers and tries to be methodologically neutral in the way it develops its tooling,making it applicable in both traditional and agile environments.In cases where it performs its own services, Scapa adopts a variation on the agile approach, which is tailored toward its predominant customer profile:integration and deployment of packaged applications by or on behalf of enterprise customers.

This case study describes a project where Scapa was engaged to test and produce very fast feedback on a set of applications that were being deployed by a telecommunications vendor via a remote desktop technology.The case study refers to Citrix technologies, but similar concerns and approaches apply to other remote and virtual desktop technologies from Microsoft, VMware and a range of other vendors.

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