Agile - Overview of From Waterfall To Evolutionary Development And Test Agile Testing

IBM is very aware of the commercial value of emerging markets; like many companies, it wants to get a foothold in these new areas quickly,but with products that meet the high expectations that customers have of IBM.

Developing with an agile approach enables our team to develop a functional product with early and frequent beta releases. This allows us to get feedback from a variety of potential customers and to incorporate that feedback into the product before it is released for sale.

The team is eighteen-strong and all were new to the agile process. About 50% of them were able to attend education on agile development before the project started, though none of the test team happened to be part of this group. The group consists of:

  • one architect,
  • seven developers,
  • five testers,
  • one documentation writer,
  • one project manager,
  • one people manager,
  • one User-Centered Design expert(part time),and
  • one sales manager(part time).

The goal of the project is to deliver the product within ten months.We are doing two-week iterations and have just finished iteration 12, with six iterations to go before our target release date.

The product is an enterprise-quality,distributed Java application that integrates with an existing off-the-shelf product. It must support a variety of distributed platforms(Linux, Solaris, HP, AIX and Windows) in addition to supporting the zOS mainframe. The product includes a command line interface, an Eclipse plug-in graphical interface, a graphical installer and all the associated documentation.

In addition to the functional requirements of the product,we also need to test the installer,graphical interface,and documentation and additionally conform to corporate requirements. These requirements include accessibility and globalization, including translation into ten different languages and running on operating systems running in any locale worldwide. All in all, quite a challenge.

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