A Scrum Not A Scrum Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Peter May and I have worked for Deloitte as a technology consultant for the past six years. During this time, I’ve been involved in a number of agile projects in various roles, including developer, test manager, and latterly, as a project manager. Each of these agile projects has used the Scrum project management approach, but each has deviated from the “pure” Scrum approach to a greater or lesser extent.

In the case study that follows, I look at a model example of how Scrum, when implemented in a form close to its “pure” form, can lead to the production of veryhigh- quality software artifacts. I describe the testing challenges and how these were overcome, but I also consider the wider development aspects. I have also worked on a number of other projects where pragmatic deviations from the prescribed Scrum methodology were made, to satisfy client or wider project needs. To close this chapter, I consider some of these deviations and discuss whether a project that deviates from Scrum’s prescribed approach in these ways can still be considered to be following Scrum.

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