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What is definition of Done in Agile?

The definition of done for User Story, Iteration, and Release is given below.

User Story

A user story is a requirement which describes the type of the user as to what they want and why? This story is broken down into short frames in order to get the end result. Every good agile project should have a user story which includes a written sentence and it should be completed within iteration. A user story is done when
  • All the related code has been checked-in.
  • All the unit test cases have been passed.
  • All the acceptance test cases have been passed.
  • Help text is written.
  • Product Owner has accepted the story.


An iteration is considered as single development cycle that lasts for 1-4 weeks time period. It is a collection of user stories / defects that is to be worked upon and accepted before the release of the product. It id defined as the elapsed time between iteration planning sessions and review meeting. An iteration is also termed as a sprint. An iteration is done when
  • Product backup is complete.
  • Performance has been tested.
  • Acceptance of user stories has or moved to the next iteration.
  • Considering defects that have been fixed or postponed to the next iteration.


A release plays a vital role in an internal or external working environment that delivers the tested version of the product/system. Releases can be done at the end of iterative. A release is done when
  • System is stress tested.
  • Performance is tuned.
  • Security validations are carried out.
  • Disaster recovery plan is tested.

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