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Testing of advertisement is basically done by two methods—Pre testing and Post testing. Pre testing (also known as evaluation research) is done before the advertisement is released.
Pre testing is essential to see how effective the advertisement will be. Since a lot of money is spent on making the advertisement copy etc., it is essential to gauge what impact will it have on the audience. Pre testing may be done at a number of points. Right from idea generation till its implementation. Pretest should be used as a guide. In pre testing of advertisement respondents are asked a number of questions in different settings. These setting can be in laboratory, field etc. Questions asked can be framed to elicit information from the respondents to make out and differentiate strong ads from the weak ones.

Questions Asked

  • Which of the Ads interest you most.
  • Which Ad is more convincing about the quality and superiority of the product.
  • Which Ads would you like to read in a magazine.
  • Which Ad on TV would you like to see again and again.
  • Which headlines is best in your opinion.
  • Which layout persuades you most to buy the product.

Methods of Retesting of the Advertisement

  • Direct questioning: From the respondents/consumers about the Ad in question.
  • Focus group: A group of about 140 people who freely discuss about the Ad and give their opinion.
  • Portfolio test: It consists of 2 groups of respondents one is exposed to a portfolio of test Ads interspersed among other Ads. The other group sees the protfolio without the test Ads.
  • Paired comparison test: In this the respondent compare each Ad in a group.
  • Order of merit test: Two or more Ads of the same product are put in order of preference or rank.
  • Direct mail test: Two or more Ads are mailed to different potential customers to see which Ad attracts more orders.

Central Location Test
Respondents are shown test commercial in a public place or a shopping center in big malls.

Clutter test in Advertising

Clutter Test
The ad to be tested are shown along with other non-competing Ads to study the response to the Ad.
Trailer Test
Trailers are shown as commercials at shopping centers and the prospects are given discount coupons for the advertised products.
Live Telecast Test
Commercials are shown at electronic TV or cable and subsequently respondents are interviewed on the phone.
Sales Experiment: Alternative TV or Radio commercials are run in two or more markets and then compared.

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