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Is a non-paid form of promotion. Unlike advertising which involves payment to the media publicity refers to non-personal communication regarding an organisation, an individual, product, service or an idea not directly paid or under identified sponsorship. It usually comes in the form of news, story, editorial or announcement about an organisation product or service. Publicity may include photographs and video tapes. Publicity may be positive or negative.

Public Relations
It is a management function which helps the public to understand the policies and procedures of an organisation with the public interest. It builds a positive images in favour of the individual organisation. Public relation is positive in nature whereas publicity can also be negative. Both publicity and public relations communicate and are a part of the promotion mix.

Examples of ADS
Lux is the Secret of my Beauty: ParveenBabi and Rekhafavourable images and statements project brand Loyalty. Lux is associated with the beauty of film stars–associative advertising.
V.I.P. Luggage: Suitcases projects a better function of the products, Attribute orfunctional advertising.
The Times of India group: Consists of Times of India Newspapers, Dharmayug, Dinaman, Evening News of India, Economic Times, Femina, Filmfare, Illustrated Weekly ofIndia, Indrajal Comics, The Maharastra Times, Maharastra Times Annual, Madhuri, NavBharat Times, Parag, Sarika, Sandhya Times, Science Today. The Times of India Directoryand year book youth Times. The message given by these papers and magazines communicates all sorts of information and images to a variety of people all over the country. It not only gives information about products and service but solves a whole lot of problems of people and brings smiles in their lives. It joins people through matrimonial publication. An employer’s problem of finding recruits. A young graduates problem of finding a job. A little pup a new home.Somebody also finds a second-hand car or a domestic help. The objective of advertising are alsomany and varied. It introduces you to a new product. Microwave oven for easier cooking, Sanitary napkins instead of Traditional method. Introducing the housewife to detergent instead of soap thus saving her washing time.

Reducing the Drudgery of the housewife by introducing her to washing machines, gasstoves, mixers and grinders, fridges, vacuum cleaners and hundred of other things for makingthe work interesting.

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