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For workers working in the industry exposed to fire, and other hazards have different shoes and these ads are usually given in magazines and journals and are directed at the industry.
Slogans: Similarly, no matter what product is advertized it is essential to know the characteristics of the customers. This has to be analyzed and accordingly the Ad is created and a copy is written for release.
Examples :“Indian oil gives more mileage”.
“Close up a paste and a mouth wash”
“Close up in for close ups.”
“Things go better with coke” “Don’t say INK say QUINK”.
“Kelvinator refrigerator is the coolest one.”
“Public sector banks touching your life, everyday, everywhere.’’
“Complan”—the complete planned food.”
Advertising creates competition so that the firms vie with each other to provide the bestproduct and services to buyers. They try to create and sustain Brand loyalty.
The customer is greatly affected by advertising. We shall see how the customer is affectedby advertising:

  • Demand is generated by advertising.
  • The customer is greatly satisfied when their demands are met.
  • With advertising the sales increases and the prices come down which benefits the consumer.
  • Advertising raises the standards of living of consumer.
  • Producers go in for innovation providing better quality goods to the customer.
  • Customer get aware of the cheaper quality goods available in the market.
  • Customer gets cash discount and other benefits when foods are advertised.
  • The time and money of the customer is saved when he knows about the advertised goods and their availability.
  • The taste attitude and understanding of the customer are modified.
  • Through advertisement customer can make decisions more easily.
  • Competition advertising confuses the customer but informative advertising helps them select the item of their choice.
  • It helps the customer to know about the prices, quality, performance, usage of the product in question.
  • Customers also make their own decision by inspection and personal experience irrespective of advertising.
  • They adopt their own brands which appeal to them rather than the advertized product.
  • Consumers refuse to buy the advertised products if they feel that they are below standard or not up to the mark.
  • For customers to remain attracted the advertisement should be credible and the product should offer what it promises.

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