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As the business grows, the advertising agency plays a greater role and it must understand the components of advertising, i.e., creative strategy, message formation and its presentation, budget, media and feedback from the target audiance. The integration of the advertising agency with the company is of utmost importance. They must work in unison. It must know the existing share of the company in the market and the marketing objectives. It should know the MIX of the total communication package and a tentative budget.

Advertising planning starts with the plan brief prepared by the advertiser which is reviewed by the agency experts, may include:

  • Account executive who maintains liaison with client.
  • Creative people and the creative director.
  • Media department.
  • Production and research deptt.

The presentation of the Ad is made to the clients and some experts who may suggest or bring changes according to their choice or limitation. The advertiser has a final say in the approval of total advertising programme.

The research helps in making good decisions. Appropriate and trustworthy research raises theefficiency of advertising and more sales and profits research is continuously done. At the beginning research in Marketing and Product is done with the pretesting of the advertisement.
The next step is the selection of the target audience who are users of the product. Third step is the determination of advertising proposition which are based on:

  • Major generic benefits of the category.
  • Secondary generic benefits.
  • Exclusive benefits real or preceived as compared to the competition.
  • Solving of consumer problems, if any.
  • Problems with competitive brand that the brand solves or does not have.
  • Correcting of misconceptions about the product which the customer has with any brand.
  • New uses for the product.
  • Denial of perceived problems that the customer has with the brand.

Fourth final step is the advertising evaluation by posttesting of Ad and measuring the effectiveness and quantitatives.

Advertising Situations
There are situations in which advertising may be required:

  • New application or usage of the product.
  • Product market variation.
  • Change in the brand name.
  • Distribution and service.
  • Seasonal products.
  • New technology and innovation.
  • Upgrading a product.
  • Special offers.
  • To fight competition.

There are other situations as well, where advertising is required for making different strategies. Advertising decisions are made in allocating advertising budget, advertising research. The decisions are also made in routine matters, strategies are made to increase the sales, to fight the competition, to attract customers etc. Thus, strategy is an important part of planning and cannot be neglected.

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