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What is Adobe RoboHelp Multilingual Authoring?

RoboHelp takes into consideration creating content in various languages. The language applies to the text, word reference and the index of the project. In any case, remember that the end user's OS must be in a similar language for HTML Help systems as the project language else it will be superseded by the OS language.

You can look at content in changed languages or select an Edit the language for interpretation.

Comparing Content in different Languages

To look at content in changed languages, open the topics created in various languages. Drag the tab of one of the topics a little underneath on to the Design catch (second row on the Document Pane) and select in the event that you need to analyze them vertically or horizontally.


Language for translating a Project File

In the Output tab, select Stop words as appeared in the accompanying monitor capture.


You can change the accompanying settings in the separate tabs in the Advanced Settings for Localization dialog box.

Stop List − Add words that must be disregarded amid a text look.

  • Phrases − Add a Phrase for the Smart Index Wizard to incorporate while searching topic content down keywords.
  • Labels − Modify the text for every UI component recorded.
  • "Always Ignore" Words− Add a word or Phrase that the Smart Index Wizard disregards while creating the index.
  • Synonyms − Add an equivalent word for a word. The results are constantly returned for the scanned words notwithstanding when looked for the equivalent word.

In the following chapter, we will see how to import PDF files in RoboHelp.

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