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That little button that looks like binoculars is not the bird-watching or voyeur button, but a search button. (Now, now, don’t be so disappointed). Clicking it brings up a dialog box that allows you to search by a variety of criteria, including keywords; check out. Unfortunately, no pop-up lets you select from existing keywords. Instead, you have to know the word and enter it.

You can do a search on all of your images by keyword, name, date, rank, and many other options.

search on all of your images by keyword, name, date, rank, and many other options

Keywords are one way to go about shuffling through pictures, but you may have noticed quite a few options in the search criteria. One of them is rank. You can assign an alphanumeric rank to any of your pictures. Whatever you type in the Rank box is ordered; numbers have a higher value than letters and values are evaluated from left to right. So 1,comes before 2, but 10 also comes before 2. A is equal to a(no distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase), but A comes before b, and A1 comes before A2. To get a better idea, assign a rank to a few pictures.

  1. Either go to Edit>Rankor rightclick and choose Rank.
  2. Type in the rank in the dialog box that pops up, and click OK.

You could do something with a theme or something witty, but being the under pressure to finish this, I have entered a simple single letter and number combination for Figure below.

You could enter something a little more creative, like Dinner. Which would come after Appetizer and before Full.

Rank files

Follow these steps to view the images by rank:

  1. Go to the file browser menu bar and choose Sortt> Rank.
  2. Refresh by either going to the Folders palette submenu and clicking Refresh, choosing View >Refresh in the menu bar, or by pressing F5.

If you want to see the rank of each of your images, either go to View > Details to display your thumbnails in detail form(which displays data next to the thumbnail)or go to View >Rank to see just the rank displayed underneath the thumbnail. You need to have larger thumbnails for this to be an option, so if the Rank option is grayed out, increase the size of your thumbnails. If you really messed up, you can get rid of all the rankings and start over: Select all the images, go to the file browser’s bar menu, and select Edit >Clear Ranking.

Say you don’t need such a complex ranking. All you want to do is flag the images you like out of the virtual pile that was thrown at you. You can do this by selecting the image thumbnail and(surprise!)clicking the flag button at the top of the file browser. Then you have the option of showing only the flagged or unflagged images using the Show drop-down list; This is great if you have to sort through a plethora of images and just need to make a yeah or nay pile.

Clicking the flag button allows you to quickly divide any group into two and view them separately.

flag button allows you to quickly divide any group into two and view them separately

If you accidentally flag an image that you didn’t want to flag, or change your mind and decide to reverse a particular image’s flag, all you have to do is select the image again and click the flag button. The flag toggles off.

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