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Your image should look similar. Now you need to check how it looks when the image is shifted vertically.

It looks like everything is cleaned up.

looks like everything is cleaned up

  1. Go to Filter >Other >Offset again.
  2. This time make the shift vertical. I shifted the image vertically 337 pixels. There’s a bit of a problem. This isn’t just a matter of healing the seam.
  3. When you offset the tile again, you can see that your work is not yet done.

    offset the tile again

    The pattern is broken; the brick layers don’t meet correctly. You need to trim the image to make it tileable.

  4. Before proceeding, undo the Offset filter by pressing Command+Z(Win: Ctrl+Z).Of course you could apply the Offset filter again with the exact opposite of the value previously applied , but why go the long route when you just applied the filter and can easily undo it?
  5. Select the Crop tool and click-drag around the areas that you are going to keep. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly, as the Crop tool allows you to edit before committing.
  6. Adjust as you feel necessary and press Return(Win: Enter) to crop.
  7. I just guesstimated where I should crop the image.

    guesstimated where I should crop the image

  8. Offset again by repeating Steps 1 and 2 of this section.
  9. Yes, this is a definite improvement.

    definite improvement

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