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Great! You have a wonderful dirt brush. Before anything happens, save the brush.

  1. Go to the Brushes palette’s pull-down menu and choose New Brush Preset.
  2. The settings are not associated to this tip until you save it as a brush preset.

    settings are not associated to this tip until you save it as a brush preset

    This saves the brush as a eparate and different brush, but you can either delete the old one or keep them both. Another option is to save the settings as a new tool preset. This way your brush remains as you first saved it in the Brushes palette, but you can access the brush with these specific settings in the Tool Presets palette.

    To do this, make any adjustments you wish to the settings, then go to the Tool Presets palette in the upper-left corner of the options bar.

    You can either use the pulldown menu or the button.

    pulldown menu or the button.

    Press the New Tool Preset button; a dialog box appears in which you should name your brush. Alternatively, instead of pressing the New Tool Preset button, you can access the same command in the Tool Presets palette’s pull-down menu.

  3. Since the tool preset name is listed in the palette, give it a very descriptive name(such as dirt scattered 75 percent opacity color) that gives some details to remind you of your settings. The new tool preset is placed above the preset you have highlighted at the time of your save.
  4. The Tool Presets palette lists the names; therefore, it is more important to give a descriptive name.

    Tool Presets palette lists the names

  5. Last but not least, save your brush and tool preset libraries. Under each palette’s pull-down menu, you find a Save Brushes or Save Tool Presets option.
  6. Save your libraries!

    Save your libraries!

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