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Yes, it’s true Virginia:Photoshop now offers customizablekeyboard shortcuts. Yay! You can create hortcuts for just about anything offered via any menu. The many prayers of Photoshop users everywhere have been answered!

Default Shortcuts

Before you change shortcuts, you probably want to know all the preexisting shortcuts. You can print out your own version:Go to Edit >Keyboard Shortcutsand click the Summarize button. This creates a file for viewing with your Internet browser.

Customizing Shortcuts

Go to Edit >Keyboard Shortcuts. This, ironically, somehow seems shorter than the keyboard shortcut ofOption+Shift+Command+K (Win:Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K). I end up getting Color Settings or Preferences because I didn’t apply even pressure to all the buttons!

  1. If you haven’t created any keyboard shortcuts, create an editable set by clicking the Create a New Set Based on the Current Set of Shortcuts button in below.
  2. Create a new set to customize.

    Key board short cut and menus

  3. In the resulting dialog box, give your new customized key set a descriptive name.
  4. This is the name for your new set of shortcuts.

    new set of shortcuts

  5. Select your category from the Shortcuts For drop-down menu accessed by clicking on the triangles on the far right of the bar and choose your desired command from the list that appears.
  6. Type your personal shortcut into the shortcut field to assign it to the command. The shortcut must contain Command(Win: Ctrl) and/or an F key(function keys such as F1). If a shortcut exists, you are informed so you can decide whether to overwrite the previous assignment. .
  7. If the shortcut you type is already being used, Photoshop gives you a warning.

    shortcut you type is already being used, Photoshop gives you a warning

  8. Choose to Accept or Undo the customization.
  9. When you are finished, click the Save All Changes to the Current Set of Shortcuts button besidethe Set pop-up menu.

Since it is easy to forget what you assigned to what, Adobe is so kind as to include a Summarize button that creates an HTM file you can view in your web browser and print for reference. Figure below shows an example.

You can print a reference sheet of all your keyboard shortcuts from your Internet browser, or just bookmark it for easy reference.

Adobe Photoshop CS keyboard Shortcuts

Doesn’t this chapter seem a bit short to you? It should, because there is no mention of how to save your palette locations and file browser settings

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