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So now you have a richer grayscale bump map image. How do you make it meet the numbers? What if the Powers That Be want you to raise the midpoint by 10 percent and keep the range out of the extreme 10 percent on either end? Occasionally, specular maps, opacity maps, and bump maps have to hit certain numbers. It may be because of how the rendering program interprets the gray values, or it may be that different people are working on various maps that have to be cohesive in the final product. If you are told to make sure that 50 percent gray is the base, or flat area, and that the edges must be flat, then you cannot have 49 percent or 51 percent gray passing as flat—it must be exactly 50 percent! This can seem daunting when the map has to be soft and gradated and you’re painting it by how it looks— not by some value assessment.

With a little understanding of how Photoshop’s Levels dialog box works, you can calculate exactly how your image is processed and say with confidence that you raised the midpoint by exactly 10 percent or that the range is definitely between 10 percent and 90 percent brightness.

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