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Keywords are descriptive labels that help organize your files. You can attach one or more to any image and use them later to organize your view in the file browser. Do you want to see all the images of your dog? If you had assigned the keyword dog to each of your dog image files, you could easily find and display them! Click the Keywords tab in the file browser’s bottomleft frame. Adobe provides a few default categories. You can either leave, hide, or delete these. For now, leave them.

Want to create a new keyword?Follow along:

  1. Go to the level at which you want the new keyword.For example, I have pictures from Australia that I want located under one of the default categories/keywords, Place.
  2. Click Place to select it.If I want the new keyword on the same level as Place, then I don’t highlight anything.
  3. Click the New Keyword icon(the new layer icon’s twin brother)at the bottom of the Keywords palette.
  4. You could press the new keyword button or go through the Keyword palette’s submenu to create a new keyword

    Keyword palette’s submenu to create a new keyword

  5. In the label that opens up, type your own new keyword, and press Return(Enter) I entered Australia as a keyword, as you can see in the text box.
  6. Create your own keywords to catalog your images

    own keywords to catalog your images

You say you want to get even slicker with your keywords? Table below can help.

Keyword Tricks

Keyword Tricks

You can see what keywords are assigned to an image by looking for the checkmarks next to the keywords in the Keywords palette when you have the image thumbnail selected, as shown in Figure below. You can toggle the checkmarks to assign or unassign keywords to the image. If you already have a keyword assigned to an image, don’t worry: Assigning a keyword simply adds the keyword to any existing keyword(s).

When you click an image, all its keywords are visible in the Keywords palette

keywords are visible in the Keywords palette

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