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You have rotated, renamed, annotated, and a few other spiffy changes, all in the file browser. Now you want to make sure that anyone else on the network can see the image modifications the way you do. Or you want to burn it all to a CD. How do you ensure that others have all that information? If you’re like me, you just burned it to a CD and found out the hard way that none of this information was passed on. It is pretty easy to remedy the situation: Go to your file browser’s bar menu and chooseFile >Export Cache. A dialog box lets you know the cache has been exported.

Can’t find the Export Cache option? You’re probably looking in Photoshop’s main menu bar rather than the file browser’s menu bar.

Photoshop’s main menu bar rather than the file browser’s menu bar

Three files are in the same folder area where the images appear. As long as the files are there in the same folder as the images, anyone using the file browser to view the folder contents can see the rotation changes you made and the picture thumbnails load more quickly. If you burn the folder of images to a CD, all is well if you include the three cache files in the folder with the images.

Make sure these three files accompany your images

three files accompany your images

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