Explaining Grain - Adobe Photoshop

First let me distinguish between grain and everything else.Grain is usually a result of the silver halide crystals that develop the image on film. Each film stock has a different grain structure that results in different size grain and patterns. If the grain were the same from frame to frame, then this may be less an issue, but we register the grain in its movement during projection.

I refer to everything else that isn’t a result of silver halide particles(or Kodak’s T-grain, or an equivalent particle type)as noise. The patterns are a bit different—sometimes a result of compression or pixilation, sometimes due to the way a digital camera process and interprets low light situations, but always a bit different from the overall grain look that film gets.

How much grain is acceptable and how do you reduce it? Well, this section wasn’t called “Noise and Grain” for nothing.

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