Editing or Changing an Action - Adobe Photoshop

So many editing options make it easy to fine-tune any action—an action created by you or anyone else. First make sure you have your Actions palette in List mode.Then you can implement changes the following ways:

  • Holding down the Option key (Win: Alt) while double-clicking an action brings up the dialog box where you can change the name, function key, and color. (This option is also available via the palette pop-up menu.)
  • You can move any part of an action to another part of an action by clicking and dragging it wherever you want it. If you want to copy a step in the current action or another action, hold down the Option key (Win: Alt key), then click and drag it.
  • To add steps anywhere within the action, simply click the step after which you want your new steps, click record, perform the steps you wish to add, and click stop when you are done. The new steps stay within the action where you placed them.
  • Don’t like a step within an action? Simply drag the step to the trash, or highlight the step and click on the Trash button.
  • Like your action but want to change some of the values? Highlight the action and use the Record Again feature. The Record Again feature, which is in the Actions palette menu, runs through each step, pausing at each dialog box so you can tweak values. Figure below shows this feature.
  • You can change input values for an existing action with Record Again.

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