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Now that you have checked your UVs, you can start off with your diffuse map.

I usually start with one of two methods—projection or base tiles. I definitely start with projection for objects that have to match an existing live prop or character. The base tile works for very specific cases, usually objects that are layered, patterned, or simple surfaces. Of course, there is the third method—start painting on a blank canvas. Let me go over each of these ways to start.

Base Tile Method

Many people associate this method with cheap and cheesy characters, but in actuality, this is a great way to start for any model that has a general texture associated with it. For example, I used this method to start when I was working on an Ent(a tree-like creature) for Weta, and for both a boar and an early version of a minotaur for Rhythm and Hues Studios. I have used the base tile method on occasion for texturing human characters, and the results are far from cheesy. (Though really, I think it unfair that such a noble food as cheese should be used to denote such subpar stature). Take a look at a base tile example in Figure 16.Here you have a tree stump that needs texturing.

A plain model

A plain model

  1. Create your canvas by going to File >New.Make the texture 2048×2048.
  2. Press G to select the Paint Bucket tool.
  3. Using the Bark pattern, fill in the entire map. The Bark pattern in is part of the pattern library.
  4. Flooding the texture with a base tile texture gives you a base to start with.

    Flooding the texture with a base tile texture gives you a base to start

  5. Apply this map in your 3D paint program and touch up the color map to give it variation, dirt, and so on, like the one in Figure . The base tiled texture made this job a lot faster and easier and the finished color map in Figure 19 looks more complex than it was to create.
  6. The tree stump in Right Hemisphere’s Deep Paint3D.

    tree stump in Right Hemisphere’s Deep Paint3D

    The rendered image.

    rendered image

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