Day for Night (Quick and Dirty Version) - Adobe Photoshop

When a shot is purposely shot during the day and is supposed to be a night shot, it is referred to as a day for night shot. Using the Lighting Effects function, you change the day shot in Figure below into a moonlit night.

Take this New Zealand countryside into night.

  1. Open NZcountry.tif, which you can download from this book’s companion web site.
  2. Go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects.
  3. Choose Blue Omni and move the center of the Omni where you want to put the full moon in the sky.
  4. Play with the settings until you have something you like. Figure below shows my settings and they’re here too:
    • Light Type: Omni
    • Intensity: 39
    • Gloss: 16
    • Material:14
    • Exposure: –25
    • Ambience: –11
    • Texture Channel: None
  5. The Lighting Effects dialog box.

  6. Click OK to accept your settings.
  7. Create a new layer by pressing the New Layer button on the Layers palette.
  8. Use a soft airbrush to create a glowing dot where the moon should be. Figure below shows the moon.
  9. Creating the moon’s glow.

  10. Paste on a picture of the moon and check out Figure below.
  11. The day for night image.

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