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Now, of course, you want to know how to make your own actions and presets. Well young grasshopper, here you go:

  1. Start by making a new set. Go to the Actions palette’s palette menu and select New Set.See Figure below Figure.
  2. It’s a good idea to create a new set to hold your created actions separately from the default actions.

  3. In the New Set dialog box, give your new set a new name. I called the new set MyPresets, which you can see in Figure below, but you can call yours Bob if you want.
  4. Give your new set a name that makes sense to you.

  5. Once you click OK, your new set is located at the bottom of the Actions palette.
  6. By default, your new set comes in on the bottom, but you can click and drag it up to the top.

  7. Add an action to your set.As an example, make one that reduces the image to 50 percent of its size and then converts it to grayscale.
  8. Open the same image you used before; go to the Actions palette’s menu, and choose New Action.
  9. Create a new action.

  10. In the New Action dialog box, name your action and make sure it’s going to your new set.
  11. You can create a hotkey for this action by assigning a function key to it. The color helps you visually organize all your presets, so choose a color if you wish. Green is shown in Figure shown below.

    You can assign a function key keyboard shortcut and a color code to your new action.

  12. Click Record and you’re ready to roll.From this point on, Photoshop records your actions until you tell it to stop recording. I go through a few example steps so you can get a feel for how it works.It’s recording, so go toImage > Image Size.
  13. In the dialog box shown in Figure below change the units from pixels to percent. Enter 50 percent and click OK.
  14. You have your action resize the image to half.

    Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate, like you see inFigure below.

    An action can have many different steps. I am making the image grayscale

  15. Stop recording by clicking the stop button at the bottom of the Actions palette. You can see the button in Figure below.
  16. To finish recording, just click the stop button

    Now you have your new action listed in your new set. If you change to Button mode, you see that the button for your new action is the color that you selected. Check out Figure below for the color coding.

    The color code you selected for your action only shows in Button mode, but this is a good way to organize your actions.

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