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Introduced in Photoshop 6, droplets are standalone macros, or mini-applications, that you can put anywhere(on the desktop or in a folder) and just drag and drop files onto hence droplet). Standalone may be a bit misleading, because you still must have Photoshop on the computer on which the droplet is located, since it accesses Photoshop to complete its actions. Think of it more as a shortcut to a prerecorded action. The only complaint I would make about droplets is that I wish they didn’t have to open the Photoshop GUI when activated. It defeats the purpose a bit.

I have a lot of photos that were taken horizontally, so I want to create a droplet to quickly turn those images. I already have an action that does this, called 90CW, but now I want a droplet that I can just drag and drop my files onto. See Figure below.

Any existing action can become a droplet.

  1. Go to File > Automate > Create Droplet, as I’ve done in Figure below.
  2. Creating a droplet.

  3. Take a look at the options in the Create Droplet dialog box; they’re shown in Figure below.Adjust as fits your circumstance and needs.
  4. Droplet options.

    • Save Droplet In. This asks where you would like to save the droplet. You would click on the Choose button and navigate to the location of your choice. It doesn’t matter where the droplet is saved to, since you can just move it anywhere that’s convenient for you. I want to just save it to my desktop, so I click Choose and navigate to my desktop.
    • Play. Select the set that contains your action and choose the action for your droplet. In this case, go to MyPresets and use the 90CW action.
    • The next few options are for specific circumstances. If you are creating a droplet that you know you will use with folders of images, select Include All Subfolders. Take a look at the following options and see if they apply to your circumstance.

    • Override Action Open Commands. Select this option if your action specifically calls out to open and work on a file in a specific folder. This way the action works on the files you’re putting onto the droplet instead of just going to the specified folder. Since my action does not have an Open command, I won’t select this option.
    • Include All Subfolders. This option allows the droplet to process any subfolders that might be within a folder that I drop on it. I know that with the pipeline I work in this is a desirable trait for this droplet, so I select it.
    • Suppress File Open Options Dialogs. A new option added inPhotoshop CS, this option has Photoshop disregard any openingdialog box.
    • Suppress Color Profile Warnings.If the color profile of the image being processed isn’t the same as Photoshop’s default profile, then a dialog box asks what it should do. Should you decide to suppress these warnings, Photoshop foregoes asking and uses its default color profile.
  5. Review the rest of the options in the dialog box:
    • Destination.Options include None, Save and Close, and Folder. Destination lets you choose where your processed images will be saved. Most of the time I recommend that you save it all to a new folder to avoid overwriting the originals. But in this case, I want to chose Save and Close, since I’m just rotating the image. If my action had included a specific Save command, I would have selected Override Action Save. As Commands so I could also add frame numbers or file extensions.
    • Errors.Options include Stop for Errors or Log Errors to File.This setting choice comes down to what you consider more bothersome. If you like to have everything set to go and leave your desk, you should probably have errors go to a log file; that way all other images get processed. If you don’t want the process to continue if there’s an error, choose to stop for errors
    • When everything is done, click OK. You should get a small icon that looks like Figure below.
  6. To use it, just drop a file or folder onto the icon; it performs the processes you set up for it.

    You can move this newly created droplet anywhere within your computer and drop files onto it to process.

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