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Here you get the pictures to match up in color by adjusting each of the channels independently.

  1. Select the red channel.Your view should go to a grayscale image representing the red channel. Notice how the two skies are different shades of gray.
  2. Press Command+M (Win:Ctrl+M) to bring up the curve editor.
  3. Click the middle of the curve and drag it down until the grayscale matches the darker layer.
  4. Raise the lower-left corner a bit by clicking the lower vertex and entering an output of 3.I do this because I fear having the darks too dark. Figure shows my settings.
  5. Your image turns to grayscale because you’ve switched to a channel layer. Your settings should be similar to the ones depicted here.

  6. When you are satisfied, click OK.
  7. Go to the green and blue channels and repeat the same steps to each. Match the grayscale sky via the curve and lift the shadows just a tad.
  8. Use the same method on the green channel

    And again on the blue channel

  9. When you click back to the RGB composite channel, you see that not only is your image aligned, but now your colors match up! Figure shows this. The next steps clean it up for a final.
  10. Bet you didn’t think it would match up so well, huh?

  11. Flatten the image by going to the Layers palette menu and choosing Flatten Image.
  12. Flatten image

  13. Choose the Crop tool and click and drag the image to set the crop area. You use this area to clean up the edges. The crop area, shown in Figure , is adjustable until you commit it by pressing Return (Win: Enter). Don’t commit it yet! You still need to adjust it.
  14. You can tweak the crop marquee until you have it just right.

  15. Just drag one of the crop box’s vertices to where you want it to be. When you are ready, press Return
  16. Your original image.

    The original image.

    The photomerge results

    Your final product!

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