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Here is a quick example of how all this knowledge can be combined to make your life a bit easier. Say an art director gives the following plate. She wants you to change the white plaster walls of the circled buildings to brick.

These two buildings need their walls changed to brick.

buildings need their walls changed to brick

Since you already made a tileable brick texture, you can use that same texture as a pattern to paint a brick wall onto these buildings!

  1. Open Background.tga,
  2. Create a new document that is 4000×3000 pixels by pressing Command+N(Win:Ctrl+N) and entering the dimensions in the dialog box.
  3. Choose the Paint Bucket tool and change the fill type to Pattern.
  4. Choose the Pattern pull-down menu and click the new canvas which you see in .
  5. Creating a brick wallpaper to cover the plaster.

    Creating a brick wallpaper to cover the plaster

  6. Choose the brick pattern and fill your new document with it.
  7. Click-drag your new document to Background.tga. A new layer automatically forms for your brick texture.
  8. Bring the opacity of the brick layer down so you can see the faint outline of the building you are trying to match.
  9. Press Command+T(Win:Ctrl+T)and then Command+0(Win: Ctrl+0) to see the handles for the brick’s transformation.
  10. Transform the layer to fit the near wall’s perspective. Remember:Hold Command+Option +Shift(Win:Ctrl+Alt+Shift) to use the perspective transform.
  11. Adjusting the wallpaper to fit the perspective of the building.

    Adjusting the wallpaper to fit the perspective of the building

  12. Once you have the alignment set, press Return (win: Enter) to commit the transform.
  13. One building down, one to go.

    One building down, one to go

  14. Erase the windows and the bush edges. Although you could use a combination of selections based on color, square marquees, and paths to cleanly erase the window and bush edges, I find it faster to do most of the work by hand with the Erase tool.
  15. Perform Steps 4–6 for the far building.
  16. To maintain shadows and blend the texture into the wall, find a good combination of layer blend modes.
  17. In my case, I used a combination of Overlay and Darken. Take a look at the finished product inThe before and after!

    combination of Overlay and Darken

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