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The texture artists working on the hellhound for the Chronicles of Riddick had to deal with 400 scale textures! Luckily, Photoshop has batch processing. That is, Photoshop runs an action on a whole bunch of files for you. Go through this with me, using the example action just created.

  1. Create a folder somewhere and copy a bunch of images into it.
  2. I created a folder on my desktop called batchSource. Personally, I like to have a destination folder so the originals in the source folder aren’t overwritten. I’ve created one called batchResults, which you can see in Figure below.

    Set up your source and results folders before beginning batching

  3. Go to File > Automate > Batch, as I’ve done in Figure below.
  4. Start the batch process.

  5. In the Batch dialog box, make sure you have selected your actions Set and the Action you want performed.
  6. Under Source, select Folder. Use the Choose button to select your source folder. You can see these options in Figure below.
  7. The Batch dialog box.

  8. Select any of the options that pertain to the action you are batching:
    • Override Action Open Commands. If your action has an Open command, select this so the action processes the chosen images rather than the originally programmed images.
    • Include All Subfolders. If you want to process folders within folders, select this option.
    • Suppress File Open Options Dialogs. Select this option to have Photoshop ignore any opening dialog boxes.
    • Suppress Color Profile Warnings.Select this if you want Photoshop to use its default color profile rather than any embedded color profile when running the batch process.
  9. Under Destination, select Folder. Use Choose to select your destination folder.
  10. Should your action contain a Save As command, select the Override Action Save As Commands option. Once this is selected, you can use the boxes in the File Naming area to name the processed files. Since your action doesn’t have a Save As command, the files are saved with the same name to the Batch Results folder that you created.

  11. Click OK.

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