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What is Find/Change Feature for Objects?

We have seen before how to utilize the Find/Change feature to discover and supplant explicit text things effortlessly. The equivalent can be connected to objects.

For instance, you can discover an object with explicit features, for example, fill or stroke and change all objects coordinating this measure to properties that you wish to change to.

Open the Find/Change exchange box by setting off to the Edit menu and choosing Find/Change… or essentially press Ctrl+F on Windows or Command+F on the Mac and in the Find/Change box, select the Object tab.


Click inside the Find Object Format box to open the Find Object Format Options exchange box. You can indicate the criteria that you need to discover inside this box such fill, stroke, load of the stroke, and so on.

Repeat the equivalent for the Change Object Format territory to open the Change Object Format Options discourse box. Here, you should determine the subsequent criteria. Once, you've done that, arrival back to the Find/Change discourse box and press Change All.

InDesign will scan the entire document and roll out the improvements you've indicated.

This feature is significantly more proficient than the Eyedropper tool, particularly on the off chance that you are dealing with a substantial document.

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