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What is Adobe InDesign CC Swatches Panel?

The Swatches panel or the colors panel is the principle place to characterize colors or swatches for your objects.

You can change colors or characterize custom colors dependent on the objective of your document. On the off chance that your essential goal is on-screen, you can characterize and choose any CMYK or RGB color. In the event that you need to guarantee printer similarity, you can characterize any of the PANTONE colors which are regularly utilized by printing presses.

Changing the color of an object, be it text or picture (on the off chance that it is not-straightforward and in grayscale) is just a question of choosing it and applying an ideal color from the Swatches panel.

In the event that you need to edit a color, you can right-click on the color and select Swatch Options… This opens the Swatch Options discourse box.


In this exchange box, you can physically alter the CMYK esteems to get the objective color you need. In the Color Type dropdown menu, there are two alternatives – Process and Spot. Process is utilized when working with on-screen documents and is typically the default. Spot is utilized on the off chance that you need to characterize colors for printing.

Notwithstanding editing a current swatch, you can likewise make new swatches with the fitting color esteems.

When you are finished Creating or editing the swatch, you can choose any frame and click the ideal swatch to apply the color to the frame.

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