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" Accounting is the process of recording, classifying, summarizing in a significant manner of transactions which are in financial character and finally results are interpreted." The revenues are recognized only at the moment of realization but the expenses are Financial Accounting recognized at the moment of payment. The charges which were paid only will be taken into consideration but the outstanding, not yet paid will not be considered. The revenues are recognized only at the time of occurrence and expenses are recognized only at the moment of incurring. The financial statements are found to be more useful to many people immediately after presentation only in order to study the financial status of the enterprise in the angle of their own objectives. The entire accounting system is governed by the practice of accountancy. The accountancy is being practiced through the universal principles which are wholly led by the concepts and conventions. Money measurement concept tunes the system of accounting as fruitful in recording the transactions and events of the enterprise only in terms of money. Business entity concept treats the owner as totally a different entity from the business. Going concern concept deals with the quality of long lasting status of the business enterprise irrespective of the owners' status, whether he is alive or not.

Matching concept only makes the entire accounting system as meaningful to determine the volume of earnings or losses of the firm at every level of transaction. Duality or Double entry accounting concept is the only concept which portrays the two sides of a single transaction. The law of entire business revolves around only on mutual agreement sharing policy among the players. Personal accounts is an account which deals with a due balance either to or from these individuals on a particular period. Real Accounts is the account especially deals with the movement of assets. Nominal Accounts is an account deals with the amount of expenses incurred or incomes earned. It includes all expenses and losses as well as incomes and gains of the enterprise.

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